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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

The Trump and late-night talk show host beefs continues!

That’s right, per usual, instead of worrying about being a public servant to America, Trump is concerned about what comedic media personalities think of him.

The current drama started when Jimmy Fallon said that he regretted interviewing Trump two years ago because folks felts it normalized Trump’s horrible platform.

Trump responded with a tweet telling Jimmy to “be a man” since the interview supposedly resulted in “monster ratings.”

Jimmy clapped back with a few jabs at Trump in his opening monologue for The Tonight Show and with a donation in Trump’s name to The Refugee and Immigrant Center For Education and Legal Services (RAICES).

Now, Trump has responded once again with his diss record.


And when I say diss record, I mean via a speech that, again, was meant for the American people, but turned into a dragging of late-night TV.

This time Trump didn’t leave anyone out. He came for Fallon, and other long-time critics Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert.

“I mean, honestly, are these people funny?” Trump asked a rally in South Carolina. “And I can laugh at myself. Frankly, if I couldn’t I’d be in big trouble. But there’s no talent, he’s not, they’re not like, talented people.”

“Jimmy Fallon apologized for humanizing me, the poor guy. Because now he’s gonna lose all of us,” Trump said, gesturing to the folks at the rally. “He’s like, a nice guy. He’s lost, he looks like a lost soul.”

Trump then went on to call Colbert “the guy on CBS” who was a “low life,” and he said he wouldn’t appear on Kimmel’s show, after appearing on there once before. If you want to peep all the smoke Trump was spewing, check it out in the clip below starting at the 16:49 mark.

We’ll be on the edge of our seats on how Kimmel and Colbert might respond to the spiciness!



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