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Relaxed woman holding sun protection cream on the sunny beach.

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If you’re like me, you’re currently reading this article when you should be packing. Your first trip outside the country is in a few days and your neurosis is causing you to freak out. Chill out. It always works out in the end. Take a deep breath and remember why you needed a vacation in the first place. Put on your favorite motivation music and check these essential items for travel off your list.

Dove Everything

I swear by Dove products because not only do they leave my skin the cleanest and most hydrated, they smell like Jesus dipped his finger in the jar. In my suitcase this summer is Dove’s Invisible Dry Spray deodorant, the beauty bar of course, their new Dove Exfoliating Body Polish and my latest obsession, the dry shampoo.

Hair Care

Oh so silly!

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Shampoo and conditioner is a necessity on any trip near or far. Beach and pool water, extremely high temperatures and frigid temperatures on the plane can be harsh on your hair so make sure you pack plenty of hydrating, cleansing and moisturizing products for your tresses.

Try these Black owned hair products:

Facial Scrub

Doing right by her skin

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A natural face scrub will keep your skin refreshed while on vacation. I’m currently obsessed with the Kenyan Coffee Face Polish by Nyakio and Bloomsbury Sq.‘s Featherlight Cucumber Skin Nectar.

Nail Polish

I’m sure you got your mani and pedi before taking off, but pool and beach water will easily leave you with chipped polish thus ruining your perfectly painted toes. GLH Nail Lacquer ($12) has the perfect vibrant polish to store in your bag just in case.

JBL Link 10 Portable Speaker

Whether you’re with a group, with bae, or just by yourself, music brings serenity to match any mood. This portable bluetooth speaker ($149.99) is the perfect sound system to bring any event to life.

Energy Drinks

Skip the Redbull and support your fellow Black woman entrepreneur by packing your luggage with a few Purple Peach Energy Drinks. The flavorful drink adds flare to any cocktail and provides a boost of energy after a long flight.

Inflatable Flamingo

You’re probably asking yourself, is a pool float ($31.99) really necessary? If your going anywhere with pool, hell yes. Your Instagram page will thank you later.

Body Spray

No you’re not back in high school when Cucumber Melon brought all the boys to the yard. But wearing heavy perfume in the heat isn’t such a great idea. That’s where lightweight body sprays and mists come in handy. Think Caress, Victoria’s Secret or Axe spray for women (that stuff smells delightful).

Happy travels!


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