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A Black man in Tennessee recently came across a racist document in a filing cabinet at his workplace. DeAndre Adams found papers titled “N-Word Owners Manual” at his Obion County Highway Department office in Union City on June 13.

Adams was so disturbed that he told his brother, Josh Jones, who shared it on Facebook. The man sent four picture messages of the document, which was printed, stapled and filed inside the cabinet. Adding insult to injury, Adams had addressed the blatant racism with the Head Superintendent at his job, but was met with a poor response.

‘I advised [Adams] to address this issue with the Head Superintendent,” Jones wrote. “[Thirty] minutes later he called me back. And “don’t say anything about it” is the response he received. WHAT?!”

Adams was the only African-American employee in the department for the past seven years, until May, Jones added. Throughout his tenure, Adams endured racist comments and other horrifying incidents, including employees making a noose for him.

The “owners manual,” taken from a joke website and not originally produced by the Obion County Highway Department, according to Jones, had very hateful statements. One remark said that African Americans were subhuman “apemen” who can barely speak words. More racist and terrible tropes, including saying that Blacks like to eat watermelons and rape white women, were also included. The document even called for the lynching of Blacks and is described as a manual for someone owning slaves, The Commercial Appeal reported.

Jones is calling for the Obion County Highway Department to address the racism immediately, he wrote. A fund has been set up for Adams to obtain legal representation to pursue action in the matter.


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