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Racists continue to let their hate flags fly. From Aaron M. Schlossberg to BBQ Becky, they are literally walking up to people and spraying their entitled rage. The latest incident shows a white man in Jersey City, New Jersey, which is extremely diverse, verbally attacking Muslim teenage girls for their religion.

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In the video below, he refers to Muslims as “sh***y” people and says, “You’re traitors to the country.” Watch below:

The incident, which happened last week in downtown Jersey City, involved five girls, one of whom was wearing a hijab. They were near a police station when the man verbally attacked them, but the police claimed nothing could be done because they didn’t have a location for the man. reports that a resident of the downtown neighborhood said, “The man in the video is homeless and in need a psychological help and little things on any given day can tick him off.” Aren’t we all tired of racism being blamed on mental health issues? also reports, “When reached by phone, the girls said they were surprised by the hate-filled rhetoric in Jersey City, but also acknowledged how it’s happening all across the country. The man also allegedly called them ‘evil’ and ‘witches.’ ‘I don’t usually go through all that around here, especially since it’s so diverse,’ Nasir said.”

The Muslim population in Jersey City is reportedly 4.2 percent and steadily growing.

Regardless of whether or not the man is homeless, hopefully he will soon be identified. No one should be walking the streets harassing people because of who they are — more than likely, social media will expose him.


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