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Man in car gesticulating angrily at another driver (blurred motion)

Source: Sean Murphy / Getty

Road rage and parking lot beefs happen to all of us at least once in our lives. But only in America can a simple parking dispute turn into a racist tirade.


A young African American woman in Santa Monica recently learned the hard way that even driving while Black is means for assault these days. 80-year old White man, Allan Shinerock, was arrested on Tuesday for battery on the campus of Santa Monica College after video footage showed him yelling harsh, racial slurs at the woman — and even getting physical with her.

Not only did he call her the N-word countless times, he told her that she didn’t belong in Santa Monica, yelling, “Go back to South LA”.

Police say the incident is being classified as a hate crime and that the investigation was ongoing. If this footage isn’t enough to charge a flagrant racist, what else will it take?!


Needless to say, folks are pissed.

Are these your people, Kanye? Huh?




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