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Ever wonder why cops don’t just wound suspects rather than shooting them? Well, outside of obvious racism and bias, here is another reason from the mouth of a cop: It’s cheaper to kill.

In 2006, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, during his successful first campaign for sheriff, was speaking at an endorsement meeting with a union in the county which is about three hours outside of Los Angeles. He posed the question, “When a deputy shoots somebody, which way is better financially? To cripple them or kill them for the county?”

“Kill them?” someone off camera says before Youngblood answers, “Absolutely. Because if you cripple them you have to take care of them for life and that cost goes way up.” He also added, “When a guy makes a bad shoot on somebody and kills them, $3 million dollars and the family goes away.” Soon after, Youngblood was elected as sheriff. You can watch the video, here.

The sherrif’s response to the disgusting words? He claims his comments were taken out of context. Yeah, right.

The video was released by the Kern County Detention Officers Association. According to, “Kevin Dees, the president of KCDOA, said the group was going through the video looking for campaign promises that Youngblood hadn’t fulfilled when they came across the statements made by Youngblood.” Today, the union is supporting Youngblood’s challenger, Justin Fleeman, in the 2018 election.

 However, the real question is that Youngblood said this in 2006 and he was elected — so while KCDOA believe they are doing a good thing by outing the sheriff, why wasn’t he called out on this 12 years ago or within the 12 years he was sheriff? Sounds as if KCDOA is cherry-picking when they want to be outraged. He should have never been elected sheriff after he made those statements on-camera.


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