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After health experts spoke to Vogue about the secret to having clear skin, Daily Mail decided to weigh in on the topic. Holistic nutritionist, biochemist and co-founder of Zea Skin Solutions Paula Simpson agrees that great skin is definitely all about your gut. She tells the site, “If our digestion is unhealthy, the whole body suffers. Malnourishment, toxicity, weight gain, lack of energy and blemished skin are some of the health effects of poor gut health.”

Simpson blames poor digestion on modern technology, saying “Modern food technologies and processing in the western diet have stripped away the good bacteria and enzymes that help build a healthy gut flora and skin microbiome.”

So what superfoods can you load up on to get your gut back in check? Simmons suggests cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cloves and nutmeg. Click here for more on how to get the perfect skin you dream of.

Gut Check: A Nutritionist Says This Has Been The Secret Key To Flawless Skin All Along  was originally published on globalgrind.com