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After giving the album a 9/10 overall, he closed with some interesting thoughts about how his fellow Hoteps can be more accepting of energy they may not agree with:

Read energy and you’ll see that Cardi’s energy is in the right place… The message she sends is not Hotep AT ALL. But if you know anything about the hood, this album is a positive release.

The fact that this is a positive release speaks volumes about the state of consciousness in the hood, but we have to start somewhere. You don’t go from neophyte to Buddha overnight. It takes baby steps.

It’s Cardi’s energy that speaks to her audience combined with punchlines that speak to their life experience – like being cheated on, that propels her success.

As Hoteps, I’m not saying we should embrace Cardi B and love her music, that’s up to you. What I’m saying is, we have to learn how to perceive energy and not always believe what our eyes see.

Too often Hoteps are ready to critique and find flaws instead of finding good.

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