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Banana Thrower Tosses Lawsuit At Chappelle After Beatdown

The man who chucked a banana peel at Dave Chappelle during a 2015 live show in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has filed a lawsuit against the legendary comedian and his bodyguard.

In the lawsuit filed last week, Christian Englander claimed he was beaten by Chappelle’s bodyguard while being restrained after throwing the banana peel on stage during his standup bit. The  self-described “jokester and performance artist” went on to say that the banana peel incident was not motivated by race but rather he was angered at something Chappelle said about his friend during the performance.


Englander’s claim that he was beat up by Chappelle’s bodyguard was never mentioned in the police report filed after the incident. His lawyer, however, claims that that important detail would have come up if the case went to trial.

Here is an interview after the alleged assault:


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