RVA Police Chief Top Community Initiative Founded By Former Inmates


RVA LEAGUE FOR SAFER STREETS was founded by Jawad Abdu  & Paul Taylor  while inmates on Greensville Correctional Center. Abdu was released three years ago and knocked on every door of local, state and federal agencies until someone answered. Police Chief Alfred Durham opened the door of opportunity as a means to reduce crime in the city. In fact, Chief Durham shared with Clovia Lawrence of Urban One that it was a first in his over 35 years of service that a returned citizen knocked on his door to help reduce crime.

The RVA Summer Basketball league started on July 11, 2017, the day Paul Taylor was released from prison. By the way, Taylor was guest speaker at the league the day of his release. During the 37 days of the league crime was significantly reduced according to the RPD crime log and front page story in the Richmond Times Dispatch(RTD). The league, the Richmond Police Department’s premiere event that reduces crime and unites communities is back. Please note, the draw is basketball but the heart of it all are the life skills workshops for inner-city youth ages 17-28. The workshops provide anger management skills, problem-solving skills, creatively thinking skills, resources for employment, higher learning enrollment, financial management skills, housing and mental health family counseling resources.

The RVA league starts up again on March 6, 2018 at the Celebration Church & Outreach Ministry  at 5501 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond from 5p-9p. Free and open to the public. Get your team up, sponsor up and hit us up @zoolove92120 @jawadabdu601 @robertmorris3888 @community_clo #1FamMovement #SANITY #RebirthMenWomen #R4F #PGB2C #Hood2Hood #Community2CommunityFans #CrimeReductionCollabo

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