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There’s always some controversy that goes on when people bring their children into stores, because everybody has different views on how they should be raised. Many people can agree that seeing children throw tantrums in public plaes without any acknowledgement from their parents can be irritating, but at the same time, most agree that it’s nobody else’s place to discipline someone else’s child–especially a mother and child you have no relation to at all.

This situation was taken to the extreme in a Sephora location recently, and the picture that was posted to Twitter has caused a lot of outrage on Twitter.

For those who know just how expensive makeup is, seeing this picture of a completely demolished palette is terrifying. This damage–reported to be $1300 worth–was reportedly cause by a child running rampant through the store, and not only were the employees unhappy, but those seeing the picture online were outraged as well.

The reactions aren’t very mixed, with most people agreeing that this is an issue of a mother not keeping track of their child when in a place where there are things everywhere that can be destroyed. A lot of mothers were the ones chiming in, saying that they understand it’s not super easy to always know exactly what your child is doing, but in that case they would leave their youngin’ home to avoid situations like this. A lot of patrons also think that the mother should have to pay for the damage done–“you break it you buy it”–but that wasn’t reported to have happened.

Check out some of the reactions below to see what people are saying about this situation, and whether or not it’s the mother’s fault for how her child acted throughout the store.


People Are Not Happy After Seeing $1300 Worth Of Damage This Child Caused In Sephora  was originally published on globalgrind.com