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Rachel Lindsay has left a trail of broken hearts this season on The Bachelorette, and now her former suitors are having their say about what went down this season.

Lucas & Blake: A Tale of 2 Clowns

First up to face off were Lucas and Blake, who were as exhausting and thoroughly uninteresting as ever.

DeMario (Still) Doesn’t Know Her

DeMario is still denying that he was ever in a relationship with that girl Lexi, who dropped a bomb on his game. Remember Lexi? She’s the one who poppped up at the basketball game, claiming that she was DeMario’s girlfriend. DeMario only ever admitted to being in an on-and-off situation with her, and she has never met any of his people.

According to DeMario, she was nothing more than a side chick. We have a feeling that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. She’s not quite his girl, but she’s not exactly a side chick either. She dwells in the same space as Tasha from Insecure.

Iggy Regrets Nothing

If he had it all to do again, Iggy wouldn’t have changed a thing about how he moved through the season. Specifically, that means he was going to tell Rachel whatever she wanted to know about the guys in the house. He didn’t mind being her man on the inside, but all it got him was a ride home.

Kenny vs. Lee: Round 3

The guys were thrown when Lee’s true colors came out this season. And it only got more confusing as he zeroed in on Kenny and some of the other Black men.

Dean was still very careful in his wording, avoiding outright calling Lee an outright racist. In fact, none of the guys were pegging him as racist. They did not, however, let him off the hook for his pattern of behavior.

For his part, Kenny had a huge problem with Lee’s penchant for lying and instigation. The pro wrestler was absolutely there to find love with Rachel, but he admitted that his feud with Lee was a major distraction

In his view of the situation, Lee acted with no integrity because he was actively seeking to knock the other guys off of their game when he should have been focusing on Rachel like most everyone else.

Meet McKenzie

We finally got to meet Kenny’s daughter, McKenzie, and she seemed just as sweet as he told everyone she is.

Kenny may not have gotten Rachel, but he did get a trip to Disneyland with his favorite girl for his birthday courtesy of ABC. Not a bad way to spend your special day!

Lee In The Hot Seat

After Kenny had his say, it was Lee’s turn to face the music. He got his opportunity to explain his heinous behavior on camera. Then producers pulled up his problematic Twitter opinions, and he couldn’t backpeddle fast enough to save himself.

Chris Harrison read off the incendiary tweets, which disparaged feminists and likened the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK. Lee seemed uncomfortable being confronted by his own documented ignorance, and he said he feels bad about what he wrote. He told the crowd that he has a lot to learn, but the Black men on the cast wondered whether he was only saying these things because he got caught.

Josiah cut to the heart of the matter, questioning why Lee would ever enter into a situaton where he’s pursuing a Black woman, if he believes the racist sentiments he tweeted last year. Lee never provided a straight answer.

Although he apologized, Lee never acknowledged what he had done wrong. He couldn’t cop to being racist and misogynistic until Will specifically pressed him to be specific.

For what it’s worth, Lee and Kenny hugged it out. We’re still not buying his apology.

Aw, Dean

Admittedly, we were not thrilled about Dean at first. His comment about going Black and never going back was just cringeworthy. But over the course of the season, he grew on us–so much to the point that we were a bit disappointed when she sent him home instead of Peter. Seriously…wTF.

He seemed like a sweet guy if a bit young and naive. It’s not like he was going to win, but he should have made the Final 3.

Dean was still getting over his split from Rachel when he appeared on the couch looking as much like Ken doll as he ever has. Obviousy, the heartbreak was fresh, but he managed to find the silver lining as he credited the hometown visit with helping him to take some steps towards repairing his family bonds.

Rachel Tells All

Rachel came out looking as flowery and bright as ever, telling her dismissed suitors that she missed most of them. Somehow, we don’t think she regrets ejecting DeMario. In fact, she admits that she’s dated a few guys like him.

On the other hand, the lawyer was heartbroken to send Dean home, but there can only be one man poppng the question in the end. She explained that although she did feel like she wa falling in love with him, she kmew it was time to dismiss him.

On the issue of race, Rachel told the host that she is aware that it was a major issue this season because she was the first Black bachelorette. That said she appreciated that no one made race more important than their relationships.

When it came to Kenny and Lee’s feud, she wished that Kenny had been able to shake off the distraction and focus on their connection. She was disappointed that Kenny fed so much into his back-and-forth with his rival that he couldn’t put his all into the relationship with her. He would have been good, if he just let go of the need to get the last word, he had the woman.

That said, Kenny let Rachel know that he is still available should things with her fiance fall through.

Fred, who has loved Rachel since before he came on the show, also had to take a moment to express how upset he was that she never really gave him a chance. That said, he wished her the best and let her know that he is happy for her. Looking back, Rachel really didn’t give him a fair shot at first. By the time they got around to sharing their first kiss, any chemistry they may have had was totally dead. Although, to be fair, Rachel kind of wasn’t feeling him from the jump.


As with every Men Tell All special before this one, bloopers were a huge part of the show. However, the best clip had to be Rachel being delightfully petty as she said the chips she snacked on were as salty as Josiah the night she sent him packing.


Rachel faced a cast of her former suitors as they got a chance to have their say.

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