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Inside RVA

Source: courtesy of MikexAngel

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MIKExANGEL represents a new breed of R&B artist — one whose versatility and openness to explore all musical genres allows him to stand out. Having found early success with collaborations and having amassed a loyal fan base, he considers himself a student of the game and is influenced by various artists from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Usher and Trey Songz.

MIKExANGEL is stepping into the spotlight and will be releasing his official debut titled Nothin 2 Somethin (#N2S) on Monopoly Enterprises and 300 Entertainment.

In the past two years, the Richmond-based artist has been hyping up his fans with teasers, appearing on Trey’s To Whom It May Concern mixtape as a featured artist (“Everybody Say,” “Never Enough”), and collaborating again with his musical idol on 2017’s Anticipation 3, which he is on eight of the eleven tracks. He is also the only feature on Trey Songz’ latest #1 album Tremaine on track “Games We Play”.

Born in Petersburg, Virginia and raised in Richmond, he remembers being embarrassed about his voice, but thanks to some family encouragement he learned to accept his talent and sharpened his instrument by singing in the church choir.

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It was within the walls of faith that MIKExANGEL was first told that he had a “voice like an angel.” This prompted him to adopt his stage name.

“They used to always tell me that I had a different type of control with my voice, I could control my voice better than a lot of people.” “I used to just keep that in mind. It always reminded me that I had a gift.”

While attending Clover Hill High School, MIKExAngel built a name for himself while singing with the quartet, Heart & Soul.

“We were a dope group. We used to dance and all that,” he says. “We were super R&B, super sappy. We used to wear the silk shirts. We used to go crazy.”

When he was at Virginia State, he gained notoriety on campus for his YouTube covers of songs by Trey Songz, Drake, and Jhené Aiko, as well as original material he had recorded with his brother and producers Sean Momberger, Saaj, and Lee Major.

As his popularity soared, the old adage of being at the right place at the right time began to ring true.

MIKExANGEL’s producers would mention his name in the circles they were in, which led to him being signed to Trey Songz’ team as a songwriter by Monopoly Enterprise’s CEO Mumeet “Mu” Daddy.

After the release of Trey’s sixth studio album Trigga, MIKExANGEL wrote songs and sung reference tracks on his 2015 mixtape Intermission I & II.

Inside RVA

Source: courtesy of MikexAngel

Their relationship took a new turn when MikexAngel’s “No One’s Loving” was shared on Trey’s Snapchat, causing such a fervor by his fans that it marked the official debut of MIKExANGEL as his newest protégé.

“Before I met anybody from Trey’s camp, I was just truly honestly just a fan. I admired how he got on,” he says of Trey. “His story and his whole style just spoke to me when I was young. Just to see him become what he is now is like wow. It’s crazy. I just feel like it was the smartest move I ever made because what are the chances?”

Now 25 years old, MIKExAngel is bubbling as the young artist to watch. Like he stated in a recent tweet,

“I don’t like making microwaveable music! I’m making music for forever! It may take me a little longer than others cuz I care about lyrics!”

Lyrical substance is a major key to success, “I want to be seen in a different light as far as music. ‘Cause I don’t want people to be like, ‘Oh, he’s only this type of artist.’ I just want to be creative and I just want to be myself. I feel like I can tell a story in different ways that other people can’t.”

Catch MIKExANGEL opening for Trey Songz on his sold out tour, Tremaine, this May!

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