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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez might have just been caught in a big web of lies. As the reality star and her ex Stevie J continue to go back and forth post-breakup, a lot of truths are being exposed and one of the most unbelievable may be that Hernandez and Stevie never got married in the first place.

According to TheShadeRoom there is a marriage license with Joseline’s real name, Shenellica Bettencourt, on it, but the groom is not Stevie J. Insteadm it’s a man named Matthew Louise Tremellen.

The date of the marriage — March 21st, 1997 — also backs up long-standing rumors that she has been lying about her age by about a decade. If the marriage license is real, that would mean that Joseline, who claims to be 30, was around 10 years old at the time. It’s more likely that she’s actually close to 40, as also indicated on an unearthed mugshot from years ago.

Phew. On top of all that, now fans are wondering if Hernandez is lying about being pregnant as well. The reality star made the announcement that she’s expecting on Instagram last week:

But just days later, she posted another of herself in a revealing outfit that showed no hint of a baby bump:

Fans took to the comments section ask the star where her bump had gone. In response, Hernandez posted a video moments later with the caption, “Mad cause #babyjoseline ain’t showing. Goodbye she loves mommy.”

It’s starting to look like the walls are crashing down on Hernandez regarding her possibly fake marriage to Stevie. Only time will tell if fan speculation regarding her baby bump has any truth to it, or if people are just looking for lies wherever they can find them.

SOURCE: TheShadeRoom | PHOTO: Getty



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