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Tyrese is feeling the impact of the tragic shootings of Black men and police officers of the past week very deeply.

In fact, the actor/singer has reportedly buried the long-existing hatchet in his custody battle with his ex-wife, Norma, and he is thanking the Black Lives Matter movement for helping the two make peace.

Tyrese told TMZ that last week’s police killings had a huge impact on both and the two had a long heart-to-heart for the first time in recent memory. They realized by fighting with each other, they were part of the problem. If you’re wondering how bad it got between them, at one point earlier this year, Tyrese expressed his fear that Norma would disappear with their daughter for good.

Tyrese is definitely telling the truth too: he posted a video to his Instagram with both his 9-year-old daughter, Shayla, and Norma and they all seemed to be smiling like a happy family.

While Tyrese has clarified that the two are not getting back together, he and Norma are committed to put their past differences aside to work better together as a family even though they are no longer together. What a great example to their daughter, and to the community at large.


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