Derrick Rose

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Earlier this week reports were released about Chicago Bull’s Derrick Rose stating he gang rapped and drugged his ex-girlfriend with friends.  Rose is now responding to these allegations.

Derrick Rose Details Why Tupac Shakur’s Message Resonates With Him

Here’s the statement in full:

“The plaintiff’s allegations are completely false and without any factual basis. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shake down a highly respected and successful athlete.

Mr. Rose was in a non-exclusive, consensual sexual relationship with the plaintiff for over two years. The plaintiff expressed no complaints about Mr. Rose until various lawyers began to surface and demand that the plaintiff be paid millions of dollars.

This is the third lawyer the plaintiff has retained in this matter. Two years have passed since Mr. Rose ended the consensual relationship with the plaintiff and her claims are as meritless now as they were two years ago.

We have complete confidence that the case will be dismissed and that Mr. Rose will be vindicated. This lawsuit is outrageous.”

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