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Are you guys as flabbergasted as we are? Whoa! The Power Season Two finale was completely off the chains. The show’s creator, Courtney Kemp Agboh said she would deliver something epic after electing to extended the season finale beyond episode eight. Let’s be real, not only did she scratch the surface of greatness, she shattered it. We sat back rattled by the constant twists and turns her team of writers threw in the finale. No more Kanan ( played by 50 Cent)? That’s just one shocker.

If you’re trying to process what you just watched, here are five biggest shockers that have our minds reeling.

Ghost took out his entire crew

Originally, we thought Ghost (played by Omari Hardwick) lost his edge this season because he was so entangled in his romantic web of Angela (Lela Loren). Because he was enamored with his Puerto Rican around the way girl, it seemed like his trigger finger lost its itch. Ghost wasn’t Ghost this season. He was Jamie. That was until he returned from the dead and clipped key players from his crew with hopes of finally escaping from his criminal-laden lifestyle. Bravo, Ghost.

The return of Holly

Man, listen, we honestly thought that Holly Weaver (Lucy Walters) was a goner. After Ghost tossed her a couple of dollars and a second chance at life, you would have thought that she was going to be a normal girl once and for all. But nah, Holly proved once again that she’s still a knucklehead who relishes being in a messy situation. Maybe her love for Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is real and he’s so embedded in her DNA. Maybe she’s his rib.  When she popped up at the park and landed back in his apartment, you knew that she was destined to be his ride-or-die chick for life.

Angela snitches on Greg Knox

If you recall, we hoped that Greg (Andy Bean) would get killed off this season because he’s just a loser. Sadly, he didn’t get killed off, but he did get fired from his job because of Angie’s snitching. That was so cold-blooded of you, Ms. Valdes. But, this does prove one thing: Nice guys indeed finish last. Despite you eerily hovering over her shoulders and begrudging her relationship with Ghost, you looked kind of desperate, homie. She loves Ghost because of his swagger. He walks with aplomb. He permeates cool. You, Greg, you were just doing too much. Stalking Angie at her building was the icing on the cake.

Dre replaces Tommy as Ghost’s new right-hand man

We have to admit― we saw this one coming. Despite being Kanan’s right-hand man for the majority of the season, Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) wasn’t destined to be a bad guy forever. He even told Ghost that he wanted to get out of the life because he had a little girl at home. Nobody wants to live a crime-ridden life forever, especially when a child is involved. When Tommy pulled his gun on Ghost, Dre came to his defense. His sign of allegiance not only solidified his relationship with James, but sullied the once solid foundation established by G and T.

Is Mike working with Lobos?

This might be a stretch, but did you guys see when head fed Mike handed Lobos the phone in the hospital after he was stabbed? To make things worse, do you guys remember when he proceeded to call him Jefe? Maybe I’m going crazy, but it sounds like Mike – the big dog on the case who was closely examining the ins and outs with Lobos’ movements― has been working with him the whole time. Why would he let him have his phone call now? Why would he call him Jefe? Who knows? We just now have to wait until Season Three to find out.


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