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According to RadarOnline reports:

Khloe Kardashian has made the decision to start her own family, even if it means she will have to be a single mom.

“Khloe’s determined to be more secure in herself and stop looking to others for that missing confidence chip,” explains the insider.

“She’s got so much love to give and desperately wants to be a mom, so she figures there’s no sense in wasting time.”

“The likes of January Jones, Sandra Bullock and Minnie Driver have convinced Khloe that she doesn’t necessarily need a man in her life to be a mom,” reveals the insider.

Kardashian is no longer holding on to the belief she needs a successful relationship before she moves on to having a child.“Her big dilemma right now,” notes the insider, “is whether to adopt or go the sperm donor route, but she’s set on being a mom — and soon.”

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