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An Arizona cop forced himself into the home of a woman who was wrapped in a towel after stepping out the shower, handcuffing her, which made her drop her towel, as he threatened to take her to jail. It all happened in front of her daughter. Simply because he did not like her attitude. Especially because she insisted on recording the encounter with Chandler police officer Doug Rose, who told her he was responding to an earlier call about her arguing with her estranged husband at his residence.He handcuffs her, but then eventually unhandcuffs her, figuring his contempt-of-cop castigation was all the lesson she needed to learn how to properly respect cops.But the woman filed a complaint with internal affairs, which determined he did a number of things wrong, including forcing himself into her home. So rather than wait to get disciplined or possibly fired, Rose simply retired where he remains eligible for his pension. Woman is planning to file a lawsuit.


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