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According to Page Six reports:

Caitlyn still has her penis, and could revert to being a man, if being Caitlyn doesn’t work out.

Most doctors advise gender reassignment patients to wait at least a year after their transitions before undergoing genital reconstruction.

“The new vagina can be made by folding in the scrotum and sometimes using a piece of colon, but it is major surgery,” one plastic surgeon told me.

“Since Ms. Jenner has been on hormones for a while, the male genitalia would have shrunken. So a transgender will ‘tuck’ the penis in, allowing for a [lingerie] photo like Annie Leibovitz’s [for Vanity Fair].”

If Caitlyn stops taking female hormones, her package will grow back, said the doc. “Everything Caitlyn has done to date is reversible.”

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