Kylie Jenner

Source: Desiree Navarro/WireImage / Getty

Via RadarOnline:

Kylie Jenner is obsessed with plastic surgery! First we learned that she had the relatively minor procedure of lip plumping. Then Kylie reportedly got breast implants with the full support of her mom Kris. Now, a source is reporting that Kylie is already planning her next surgery — a nose job!

“She wants her bridge made smaller,” the insider explains. “She’s completely paranoid about having the same nose as her mom’s, which in her mind is the worst nose in the family.” Worse than Bruce’s? Ouch!

“Kylie’s lost all perspective on her body image and is becoming even more vain than Kim is. She can’t walk past a mirror without checking herself out,” the source reveals. “She spends 30 minutes every day practicing her selfie poses. It’s really sad how self absorbed she’s become but growing up in that household, this was an inevitability.”

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