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Jimmy Kimmel and his quest to be number one in nostalgia decided to go one step further and unite Morris Day and the pop band, Haim, for one hell of a mashup for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

They performed “Jungle Love” as Morris Day and the Haim (but also featuring Day’s band, The Time) as part of Kimmel’s mashup series that the show is doing for February. Watch below.

Being that “Jungle Love” was released in 1984 and Haim’s oldest member was born in 1986, here’s some facts from the year the young women might not have known. You know, because they weren’t born and all. Here’s some facts about 1984:

1. Ghostbusters was the number one movie of the year.

2. The Apple Mac computer was introduced.

3. Michael Jackson took home 8 Grammys, a record he currently holds with Santana.

4. The very first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic book went on sale.

5. The Cosby Show debuted.

6. The Los Angeles Raiders won the Super Bowl.

7. This commercial was kind of a big deal


8. Vanessa Williams lost her Miss America crown due to her nude photo scandal.

9. Marvin Gaye was shot by his father the day before his birthday.

10.  Purple Rain was released.


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