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Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but in the case of Total Recall director Len Wiseman, it’s now crossed over to cinematic plagiarism.  In the latest of sequels and reboots,  Hollywood thought it a brilliant idea to remake the 1990 sci-fi cult classic made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Colin Farrell stars as Quaid, a factory worker who decides to implant a virtual vacation into his cranium when things go terribly wrong.  The first official trailer for Total Recall aired on TV this past Sunday and has quickly gone viral.  Upon closer observation, however, there’s one particular scene that looks eerily familiar.

Exhibit A: Quaid escapes from a mysterious troop of sharpshooters (jump to 1:04 mark)

Exhibit B: Trinity escapes from a SWAT squad (jump to 1:29 mark)

With the exception of the bullet time freeze effects from The Matrix, the fight choreography from both films are almost an exact match.

Not convinced?



If you’re still not convinced that Len Wiseman has a knack for “borrowing” from The Matrix, Exhibit C:  please pop in whichever Underworld movie you have on hand. The state rests its case your honor.


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