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The Real World is in its 30th season, and we’ve seen a lot of cast members come and go. Some are prominent politicians, actresses, and even famous wrestlers while others are snatching up DUIs on a regular basis. So with that, we’ve ranked some of the most notable black cast members on the show. Where did your favorite end up on the list?

25. Sharon, London (Season 4)

London just might be the most boring season ever, so she’s last purely for that reason.

24. Janelle, Key West (Season 17)

She couldn’t get by solely on her good looks and curly hair because she was one of the most annoying cast members to ever sit in Real World confessional. She frequently argued with her housemates because she always had to have things her way.

23. Shavonda, Philadelphia (Season 15)

Philadelphia was a pretty lackluster season, and so was Shavonda. Her highlight real includes being freaked out by handicapped people. So there’s that.

22. Tyrie, Denver (Season 18)

Tyrie was the big, cuddly roommate who found himself in the friend zone frequently until he hooked up with his housemate, Jen.

21. Nehemiah, Austin (Season 16)

Nehemiah was like the kid who would hang around you in high school who was so annoying but you let him stick around anyway.

20. Karamo, Philadelphia (Season 15)

Karamo was an all-around good guy. He was involved in politics and charities, making him a figure we rarely see on The Real World. Things got weird when locals got all racist and accused him of having a gun in a bar when he didn’t.

19. Nicole, New York (Season 10)

Armed with a trough full of eye shadow, Nicole was Coral’s right-hand man in the Back to New York season. She famously blew up at housemate Kevin for not understanding what it means to be black. (Spoiler alert: Kevin is white.)


18. Cynthia, Miami (Season 5)

Cynthia was a true around-the-way girl while in Miami. She never really ruffled any feathers, but she wasn’t afraid to get real with the other cast mates if she had to.


17. Kameelah, Boston (Season 6)

Kameelah was like your big sister who always got you in trouble and bossed you around making you feel all dumb and sh-t because she was going to medical school and she brought it up every chance she got.

16. Irulan, Las Vegas (Season 12)

Irulan clearly had no type because she hooked up with her troll-like boss before getting with her housemate, Alton. She was a ball full of emotion her entire time in Las Vegas trying to juggle all of her relationships.

15. Malik, New York (Season 10)

He was zen and very peace-like, but someone HAD to be the voice of reason in the Back to New York cast. Malik was it.

14. Theo, Chicago (Season 11)

He was super fun-loving (except for the times he got in arguments with Tonya). Despite his use of colored contacts (really?), Theo always kept it real.


13. Heather B, New York (Season 1)

Heather totally used being on the show to her advantage in the first season of The Real World. She showcased her rapping talents into a career that she is still in.

12. Arissa, Las Vegas (Season 12)

Arissa was the chain-smoking chick who had mommy issues, and she vented to anyone who would listen.

11. Syrus, Boston (Season 6)

In this season, the cast worked at an after-school program. Syrus had sex with one of the student’s mothers. So this sums up Syrus’ time on The Real World.

10. Aneesa, Chicago (Season 11)

Aneesa was a cup full of interesting at the time her season aired. It was one of the first times we saw someone who was a black, openly gay stripper on TV, and she came with tons of baggage.

9. Melissa, New Orleans (Season 9)

She was a ball of weird, little fire who made everyone laugh. She might be most known for her bodily functions or sexcapades with, well, herself, but that’s what made her interesting.


8. David Edwards, Los Angeles (Season 2)

A budding comedian who wasn’t all that funny, David had the pleasure of being the first person in Real World history to be kicked off the show. He got into it with Tami and she (and other housemate, Beth) accused him of attempted rape, which prompted his exit from the house.


7. Alton Williams, Las Vegas (Season 12)

He had the baddest chick in the Palms (Irulan), and he loved hard. Who knew that a skateboarding man with puka shells around his neck would be such a player?

6. Kevin Powell, New York (Season 1)

Before Kevin was an official political activist, he was schooling his cast members on race in one of the most awkward yet eye-opening scenes from the show’s debut cast.

5. Tami, Los Angeles (Season 2)

She was memorable for the same reason her former housemate, David, was. As an aspiring actress, Tami made sure her presence was known in every situation, especially when it came to kicking David out.

4. David, New Orleans (Season 9)

He gave the most unnecessary, yet unforgettable performances with his remake of Frank Sinatra’s “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” and made it his own. While he was a pretty sh-tty roommate (everyone had a problem with David), his song pretty much made up for everything. See what he’s up to now here.

3. Stephen, Seattle (Season 7)

It was the slap heard around the pier, and Stephen held nothing back when his hand made contact with Irene’s face. Irene called him gay, and Stephen let her have it in the most queen way possible. (Spoiler alert: Stephen is now openly gay.)

2. Tek, Hawaii (Season 8)

He had to be one of the most laid-back Real Worlders in history. Normally calm, cool, and collected, the only time we saw Tek spaz out was when Ruthie (who was battling alcoholism) smashed glasses on the floor because he was afraid there wasn’t going to be enough glasses in case company came over. How sweet.

1. Coral, New York (Season 10)

Coral. She was a bad ass. The GOAT. She proclaimed she “didn’t wrestle” but she “beat b-tches up,” and that was probably the realest thing she ever said because you believed it to be true. But Coral really didn’t have to beat anyone up. She sparred with her words and won every round. And that’s why she’s number one.


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