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So I was always a good kid. Okay I WAS BAD AS SH*T !!!!! I stayed in trouble. To a point i’d be surprised if I went to bed without getting my ass kicked by my dad for something silly. I had problems focusing in school. And this is before your guidance counselor would slap the “ADD” tag on you. They’d much rather conclude that I was bad and needed my ass whooped at least twice a week. So one day back in 1992. We were learning about the Alphabet. Which was serious business back then. This was the day I found out, That I had extra ordinary musical ability. When you watch the video below, scrub to the 2:26 mark and you’ll find the first rapper I ever wanted to be like. “Mr.M” Remember this was 1992. Radio barely played hip hop. So, to have a cartoon letter rappin at you was groundbreaking. So I couldnt get the song outta my head, so I kept singing it all day. To a point..  That my teacher grew annoyed, and sent me to the corner. I remembered seeing something in a movie that you do to people that make you mad. I said to myself “Yeah give that B*%CH the middle finger”. So from the corner I kindly flicked her off. First time I ever got snitched on. Jackie Brown’s sucka ass goes and tells the teacher.. And you know the rest. Parent teacher conference. Got my ass whooped and put on punishment for a month. It didn’t matter. I was on punishment already. But I will say, growing up being on punishment most of my childhood forced me to use the one thing that I get paid for to this day. My Imagination.

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