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Someone in Bill Cosby‘s camp had the bright idea of turning him into a meme, and it ended in a hilarious disaster.

It should be PR 101 by now that you do not, for any reason, directly open a client up to direct public comment/interaction if they have been involved in any type of scandal ever.

Both Draya Michele and Robin Thicke learned this the hard way, but it seems that Bill’s team did not get the memo. His mentions wound up in shambles as a result.

After comedian Hannibal Buress reminded everyone that the America’s Favorite Dad has actually been accused of sexual assault more than a dozen times, people have not allowed it to be swept under the rug. Although Bill has no convictions, the amount of accusations has angered the public enough, and no amount of pudding pops or funny reruns will calm their rage.

So, when one of Bill’s reps posted an invite to turn hm into a meme on Twitter (gotta keep up with the youngsters, ya know!), his critics did exactly that. We’re guessing that the comedian’s team didn’t expect that he would get read for filth!

Even more incredible is the fact that the post inviting them to meme Bill, had a link to a meme generator! Essentially, they just handed everyone on Twitter a hook with which to drag Bill’s image from one end of the internet to the other.

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Bill’s reps have declined to comment on the poorly thought out social media push, but they have since removed the meme invite from his Twitter feed. They acted waaay too late, though, as his critics wasted no time plastering their jokes and commentary all over his face.

Scroll down for some of the best memes from the bunch!


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