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Rich Dollaz Arrested; Owes Over $11,000 in Back Child Support

Love & Hip Hop New York star Rich Dollaz has been arrested for not paying over $11,000 in back child support, and surprisingly, he was busted because of a completely unrelated incident.

Dollaz and some associates decided to double park outside of a New Jersey police station to run into a Five Guys burger spot for a bite to eat. Cops approached his car to write him a ticket and after running his name discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest. Rich was then taken to Hudson County jail where he is reportedly still in custody.

Nicki Minaj’s Ex Probably Won’t Like Lil Wayne And Drake’s Verses On Her New Single ‘Only’

Last week, the rumor mill was on fire after long-time boyfriend Safaree Samuels was spotted on a video set with his Nicki Minaj tattoos covered, and it may be a good thing they parted ways before this new song came out, or there might have been some real trouble! Onika has released her third single titled “Only,” and on both Drake and Lil Wayne’s verses, the fellas talk about how they wish they could have smashed. According to Drizzy, he and Nicki never had sex but Lord knows he wanted to after the “Anaconda” video!

I never f-cked Nicki cause she got a man

But when that’s over then I’m first in line

And the other day in her Maybach

I thought god damn, this is the perfect time

We had just come from that video

You know LA traffic, how the city slow

She was sitting down on that big butt

But I was still staring at the titties though

After spitting lyrics about his obsession with thick and BBW women, he finishes his lyrics with:

And Nicki if you ever tryna f**k just give me the heads up so I can plan for it

Lil Wayne also chimes in with a similar statement:

I never f-cked Nicki and that’s f-cked up

If I did f-ck she’d be f-cked up

Whoever is hittin’ ain’t hittin’ it right

Cause she actin’ like she need d-ck in her life

Beyonce’s Unauthorized Biography To Come Out In 2015

It’s being billed as the first comprehensive biography of Beyonce Knowles. Author J. Randy Taraborrelli will “explore all facets of Knowles’ life” beginning with her childhood performances, exploring her time with Destiny’s Child, her solo career and her marriage to Jay Z in a new biography due in the fall of 2015, publisher Grand Central Books announced.

“Beyoncé has lived a most incredible, inspiring life. I know my readers will enjoy her journey,” Taraborrelli said in a statement. Knowles is not participating in the unauthorized book. Taraborrelli is relying on interviews with people “who have been pivotal to her personal and professional development.” Taraborrelli’s controversial previous books include biographies of Michael Jackson, The Kennedys, Diana Ross, Madonna and the Hilton family.

Transexual Escort Speaks on Night Spent With Chris Brown

A recent Facebook photo posted by “International Adult Companion” Shauna Brooks sitting in Chris Brown’s driveway immediately sent Breezy fans into a frenzy, mainly because she is transexual, leaving the public wondering exactly what she and Breezy were up to. Brooks recently spoke out about the picture, saying she did spend the night at Chris’ Virginia home, but only because she was invited to the house party and that there was absolutely no funny business.

“Breezy’s party was a blast and he was a great host,” she said.

She admitted in the interview that she has been intimate with several well-known celebs as an escort, but that the “New Flame” singer isn’t one of them. She actually said she respects Brown more now knowing that he isn’t ignorant enough to judge her based on the fact that she’s transexual.

“The issue is that people are ignorant out of fear and then bash who and what they don’t understand,” she said. “If more people took the time to get to know people for who they were instead of labeling them and throwing them into some checked box with a stereotype, the world would be so much better.”

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