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Claudia Jordan is “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” newest unofficial cast member, but she has no reason to be intimidated by reality TV or the other housewives. Why? Well, Claudia’s other gigs have pretty much prepared her for the drama that lies ahead. Here are three things that got this media maven ready:

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Claudia is a former Miss Rhode Island Teen USA and Miss Rhode Island USA title holder. Now, we all know the pageant world is the ultimate place for hate, shade, and everything in between. Claudia has been dealing with catty females from a very young age, so it’s clear she can hold her on even against the toughest of the crew.

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She competed twice on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” Yeah, Claudia Jordan has already been on a reality show. But not just any reality show. “Celebrity Apprentice” is a very cut throat competition show where shady alliances and back stabbing is the norm. Claudia’s new cast mate, NeNe Leakes was also on the show. So, this could be something that connects them both – or not.

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Claudia Jordan is a former co-host on “Tiny Tonight.” Claudia has a lot of television experience, and her most recent was VH1’s “Tiny Tonight.” On this show Claudia joined a group of women to discuss the latest and greatest in entertainment news. Seems straightforward, right? Well, you should know by now you can’t get a group of women together without beef or shade. It was reported Claudia and Tamar Braxton didn’t like each of other from the jump. But, their dislike turned into a bit of a Twitter beef.

Needless to say Claudia Jordan had her share of TV drama, so RHOA should be nothing this girl can’t handle!

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