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Apparently all of that money Nikko allegedly made from he and Mimi’s sex tape did not go towards paying the debt he and his wife Margo Simms owe a record label. Now thanks to his inability to pay up, he has been hit with a lein of over $1Million.

A record company by the name of Supafly Entertainment sued Nikko and Margo in 2008 after they claimed they fronted cash for Nikko and Margo’s band, Test Drive. The label says the money was for the band to use towards recording their album, songwriters, studio time, promotion, production, etc. When an offer was made by Universal Music to sign the band, Supafly Entertainment said Nikko and Margo began making questionable business moves behind their back in an attempt to cut them out of the deal.

I always thought Nikko was shady!! #sideeye

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