The U.S. patent office ruled Wednesday morning that the nickname “Redskins” is “disparaging of Native Americans” and has subsequently canceled the team’s trademark on the name.

The 2-1 ruling may be the last push needed for those hoping for a name change. While Snyder seemingly threw the complaints by Native Americans to the wind, he will hard pressed to toss his merchandising money out along with them.

The ruling means that any joe smo out there with artistic skills can profit from selling homemade Redskins gear, and there is nothing the team can do about it. Now some people may say that Snyder’s pockets are deep enough to where he doesn’t have to worry about the decision. While that may be true, when a piece of merchandise is sold the profit is split between all NFL teams except for the Dallas Cowboys, who choose to be on their own.

Now, not only will Snyder have the existing complaints to deal with, but he will also have to deal with complaints from other owners in the NFL who benefit from the Redskins trademark. Snyder has been stout in his mission to keep the “traditional” name, but this decision may leave him with no other choice.

If indeed Snyder gives in it would be a free-for-all on social media trying to guess the new name.

“Welcome to FedEx Field home of the Washington ____________!”

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