From The National Enquirer

Kim’s ordered her gloomy groom-in-waiting to put mega-heat on mega-mogul pal JAY Z – and persuade him to pressure wife Beyonce into sashaying down the aisle in her wedding party! Said an insider: “Kim wants to make a big splash with Beyonce as her bridesmaid.

But Beyonce, who’s always had a cool relationship with Kim, hasn’t even agreed to attend – telling pals that being associated with realitystar Kim ‘cheapens her brand!’ But Kim’s not a girl who takes no for an answer. She’s convinced Kanye can work a miracle and get Jay Z to talk Beyonce into it.

Now Kanye’s between a rock and a hard place. He’s danced around the issue with Jay Z – who just laughs and says he can’t make Beyonce do much of anything she doesn’t want to do.

Via: Rhymes With Snitch

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