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Porsha Williams has a response to the accusations made by producer Pierre Medor that she STOLE his song “Perfectly Worthless”. He accused her of sounding equally worthless on the track, so he sold it to Syleena Johnson. Pierre was mad when Bravo decided to air Porsha singing the track (even though he was there while it was being filmed).

Now, Porsha is popping back…with text message receipts. Via her publicist, here’s Porsha’s FULL statement about the matter where she accuses Pierre of slanderous self-promotion tactics:

“This is an obvious and desperate attempt at riding Porsha’s PR coattails, states a rep from the reality starlet. It is obvious that this producer full knowingly used Porsha and the Housewives platform for self-promotion and in his latest slanderous attack is still continuing to do so. Both parties signed a release with the show to tape a scene using the song. There was no contract between producer and Porsha and there has been no continued promotion or discussion of the song by Porsha and the aforementioned producer. Furthermore he sent the below text to Porsha’s rep stating his being happy about the television appearance which he now claims to not know about? (Porsha’s rep in blue/producer in gray) Since there has been no actual lawsuit filed because there is no viable claim, It is clear that said producer is pathetically using dishonest tactics to harm Porsha and attempt to lift himself further. Since the episode aired, Porsha has moved on with her music career and is currently Promoting her successful new single which debuted at number 3, “Flatline”, currently available on iTunes. “

Oh, and to prove her point further, Porsha’s rep provided a text message exchange between the Porsha’s rep (in blue) and Pierre AFTER the show aired:

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