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So it all started when I purchased this big ass truck.


I never really considered the cost of up keep for this vehicle. So I pull into a Car Wash, and they told me $60 just for the outside… YOU GOT ME F&*KED UP JACK !!!

So I went straight to Autozone. Went shoppin on these fools. Check out what I got.

93097 RX_5077557 WW 64oz_z7 BM_5072647 TI TWGelBox 16oz_z7 AA Wipes_Orange Cleaning_25ct  UPC 10831

Walked out of there spending $50 BUCKS ?!?! Sometimes customer service can be a down-right crime.  Remember every Car Wash in Richmond, Va told me $60 to just wash the outside of my Truck. Another $15 for the inside… ROBBERY. The Vacuum by my crib costs 75 cents.

So with a bit of elbow grease. I cleaned my car, and learned something new, No one can love your car as much, or as little as you do. Meaning. Because it’s mines, I put that much more effort forward to fall in love with my vehicle again.

So lets do some math. There’s 52 weeks in a year. If I washed my truck once every 2 weeks. In and outside. That would be $1950.00 a year. Okay. Lets play it lazy. Once a month 900.00. Oh… My bad. I forgot about taxes. So you’re lookin at a Grand for a rough estimate. I’ve restocked on supplies. So I spent about $100.00 this year. On two vehicles.

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