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Rapper and reality star Peter Gunz is trying to turn his image around. Since becoming the most hated one hit wonder in rap music due to his scheming ways, Gunz has been giving entertainment publications very candid interviews. However, those candid interviews might get him in trouble with the producers of “Love & Hip Hop NY” because Peter has begun revealing which scenes were set up as opposed to those that actually happen the way we see them on the show.


Peter Gunz recently spoke to Sister 2 Sister Magazine and confirmed that some of the scenes are set up. When discussing the origin of his beef with Erica Mena, Peter Gunz admitted it’s all because of Rich Dollaz. Gunz explained:

“I may get in trouble for what I’m about to tell you about this situation. They try to keep things as close to real as possible ’cause it is real, but the situation with her is, Rich came to me last season…I told Rich, ‘Fall back on shorty. She’s reckless. She can’t sing…’ I guess she took offense to that. Truth of the matter, Rich was trying to get out of a relationship with her, so, he asked me to do that. He was kinda trying to break up with chick and break off business with her.”

It’s not like Peter revealed something we didn’t already suspect/know. But Peter better calm down with giving away show secrets before he gets the axe. ten, he, his side chick wife, and baby mother will all be out of jobs. He better think about his family before his next interview. You know Mona Scott-Young doesn’t play that mess.



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