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On Tuesday’s jaw-dropping episode of “Person of Interest,” Taraji P. Henson’s beloved character, supercop Joss Carter, died of a gunshot wound in the line of duty.

For fans of the CBS drama, this was one of the most shocking twists since the show began in 2011. But, Henson said she saw this day coming from the beginning.

“I knew when I signed on to do the project the character would have a beginning, middle and end,” the Oscar-nominated actress said on “Late Show with David Letterman. “Because for me, I do more feature films and television is really not my thing.”

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She went on to say her mom knew about the character’s death, but she decided to keep the bad news from grandmother. “You can’t shock grandma like that,” she said, laughing. “She might go into cardiac arrest!”

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Henson said it was hard to say goodbye because she grew an emotional connection to Detective Joss.

“You portray a character for so long, you care about her and her life. But art imitates life — it comes to an end unexpectedly,” she explained. “It was bittersweet, because I enjoyed portraying Carter. What a strong, powerful woman on television.”

“We laugh and we joke, but at the end of the laughs, it was a sigh,” she added about the mood on set. “I was trying to keep the spirits up, so all night I was cracking jokes and not hugging and getting too emotional with everyone.”

On a higher note, Henson said it feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. “Now the secret is out and I can live my life,” she said.

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