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Earlier today, Breezy probably was sweating bullets as he attended a progress report hearing in downtown Los Angeles. Things were looking pretty rough since he may have violated his probation last month by involving himself in a fight in Washington D.C. and was also kicked out of anger management rehab last week after flying into a violent rage against his mother. According to the report presented in court, Chris’ mother Joyce showed up for a family session at the Malibu rehab center where Chris was staying, and he became extremely angry after she urged him to stay longer. As a result, he threw a rock through her car window and shattered it.

Today, Chris got off a little easy as the judge over his probation case ordered him back to the anger management rehab for 90 days. This time he will have to stay.

In addition to the 90 days, he has to do random drug tests, take prescription pills, do 24 hours of community service and he can’t leave Los Angeles County except to go to court. To make matters worse, Chris has an additional 1,000 hours of community service from his original probation and he’s still facing those assault charges from the alleged fight in D.C. If he’s convicted of that he’ll be in violation of his probation and could serve up to four years in prison.

Dang C.B.