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80-year-old Tempie Strickland was arrested after a domestic abuse allegations against her live-in ex-husband in Fort Worth, TX. Tempie allegedly pointed a weapon at her husband because he was staying out late and she wanted to “scare” him. Tempie was charged with attempted murder, but the charge has been reduced to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Even though Tempie’s husband didn’t want to press charges, police still claimed they had to arrest the elderly woman. This story spoke to Rickey Smiley’s heart and the radio personality reached out and bailed Tempie out of jail. “I’m not defending the crime of pulling guns out on people,” Smiley stated, but he didn’t want her to die in jail before she was able to be judged by her peers. “When it comes to seniors, I’m really sensitive, says Smiley.

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Smiley paid Tempie’s bond (originally set at $100 K) and told Tempie that he will join to support her in court and wants to make sure that she’ll have a “happy and peaceful” life. Imagine your grandmother being thrown in jail. It’s not a good feeling, right? Rickey called Tempie and while it was hilarious she didn’t know who he was, Tempie’s sad statement about her condition made my heart bleed. “I’m still worried about it and I look like I’m dying. I was sick before all this happened and I look like I’m about to fade away,” Tempie admitted.

Rickey’s kind heart reminds me that there are amazing people in the world who care about people other than themselves. Rickey told Mrs. Strickland’s attorney:

Anything Ms. Strickland need as far as her necessities and food, and medicine or whatever, you know, I don’t like for any senior – you know, a lot of time we get so busy and get so caught up in our stuff we forget about people like Ms. Strickland that have paved the way for us to have what we have. And I might not be able to help everybody, but if I can just help somebody then my living won’t be in vain. Bro, it’s the right thing to do. I want to make sure that the rest of her days here on this earth that she have peace, food, medicine and any and everything that she needs, and whatever, because she don’t need no drama in her life. I was raised by a beautiful and wonderful elderly old black ladies and my grandmothers and my great-grandmother was awesome and she is every bit of all of them. And that’s what it’s all about. So we gonna make sure she straight, bro. And I really appreciate you.

What kind of world do we live in when George Zimmerman can admittedly kill a unarmed Black teen and go free? Or Marissa Alexander can fire a warning shot into the ceiling and be faced with 20 years? Or even worse, Renisha McBride’s death can be called a homicide and her killer is still not charged?!

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