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Leave it to Beyonce to call out a fan having a FaceTime session….in the middle of her concert…and she actually participates herself. Check out the cuteness inside, plus the new petition that’s calling for Beyonce & Jay-Z to skip out on Kanye & Kim’s impending wedding…

While Beyonce was belting out “Irreplaceable” in the middle of her tour stop in Adelaide, Australia recently, she spotted one of her fans holding up their iPhone and having a FaceTime session with a friend. Of course, the friend was on the other end watching the concert, so Beyonce decided to give the person a quick Hello.

She stopped in the middle of the sing and said, “This is a first.” She grabed the phone from the make fan and revealed it to the audience after she said, “Hi…Nice to meet you!” to the person on the phone. And of course, didn’t miss a beat while continuing the song.