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Jamie Hector’s character Marlo Stanfield from HBO’s “The Wire” is one of the most memorable and oft-quoted characters in modern television.  In fact, one line from season three where Marlo declares that his reputation is everything, “My name is my name!” is the title of rapper Pusha T’s solo debut album.

While the Brooklyn native was in town to promote his upcoming film, “The Magic City” we asked him what inspired his performance of that scene in “The Wire,” when he found out about Pusha’s homage  and how it felt to have his work impact the culture so many years later.

“If IBM or Apple or any major corporation did not that know their name was being dragged through the mud, they would be pissed off with their employees when they found out, because your name is everything,” he told “It holds its weight and that’s what brought the intensity for me to do that scene.”

Watch the full clip below:


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