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At this weekend’s big fight in Vegas, Floyd Mayweather had all his chicks front and center to watch him battle it out with Canelo.

But it was another fight going on with his baby mama Josie Harris and on again off again fiancee Shantel Jackson (yep, the one Floyd allegedly believes was messing with 50 Cent while he was in jail and is the supposed reason why he and 50 are beefing currently).

Josie told TMZ she hired Michael Costello to make a “very special” $795 dress for Jirah (why though?). And she flipped her sh*t when she saw Shantel show up in an exact replica. And it didn’t help the on-again off-again chick was sitting ringside as Floyd’s main chick of the night. Y’all know that will piss a baby mama off to the fullest.

Josie believes Chantel only came back for the money, and she’s pissed her daughter looked like a gold digging hoochie replica:

Josie tells us, “It’s an unspoken rule and a cardinal sin for a ‘real designer’ to dress clients alike going to the same major event … Tacky, tacky, tacky.”

And Josie didn’t stop there, turning her anger toward Jackson as well … adding, “She is a total gold digger … She conveniently came back around 2 days before Floyd got his $41.5 million check.”

ohh WOW