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Sources close to The Urban Daily who were at last nights Hartford, CT Dave Chappelle show tell us that Dave Chappelle started his show last night by explaining that he was being paid good money to come out to the stage to tell jokes to the crowd and that he didn’t want a bunch of people heckling him by yelling out during his set as it would prevent him from properly earning his check.

Although the Chappelle show was made almost 10 years ago, there are still people who shout out stupid stuff like; “I’m Rick James Bitch” during his sets! They don’t seem to understand that before there was ever a “Chappelle Show” Dave was a hilarious stand up comedian that kept crowds rolling in the isles from laughter!

Those same people rudely shout out at his shows and as a result the timing of his jokes gets thrown off and then no one has the experience that they paid good money for. So it’s understandable that he makes the request at the start of his shows. He also reportedly asked the crowd not to film his set. Many in the crowd insisted upon doing both things anyway last night.

It was as a result of all of that disrespectful behavior that Chappelle sat down and quit doing the show.

The reports of Dave being glassy eyed etc were reportedly up for debate as our source says they saw nothing of the sort. However what they did see was a man frustrated by those who refused to allow him to do his job.

This makes a lot more sense as to why things went down the way they did in Hartford last night. Word to the wise…if you want to get your money’s worth at a show then a well placed shush is never out of order. Hecklers usually ruin the fun for everyone and nobody pays any money to hear a drunk idiot yell out during a comedy show! We’re just saying.



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