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According to Waka Flocka latest interview with Nightcap’s Peter Bailey, Waka talked about his decision to propose to his fiancée Tammy Rivera, and explained that it  was important for him to be a hero to her daughter. “I can’t let her down.  If I’m the man she looks up to in her life, if I let her down, she’ll expect  that from every man moving forward.”  He also described love as an unexplainable feeling, while comparing it to the  holy ghost, and he says that he’d rather give a woman the world, instead of just  his hand.

Catch highlights from the interview  below:

On how he felt about the woman who left her husband after she  attended his concert Another guy, sometimes they look in the eyes  of another man and feel like they ain’t as man as that man, so their woman will  look at that man and come back home and [realize she’s with] a boy. That’s my  suggestion but that’s crazy. She was 52.

I guess everyone that meet me has a whole different image of me, and when you  see me, I’m a Jesus on a camelback type of person. I take to people like I’ve  known you all my life, because at the end of the day, you are a fan. You are  like a best friend. So, I think it was so much hospitality that she just fell in  love with it. I thank God for that!

On if he’s ready to settle down Of course, I’m 27 years  old.

On how it feels to be in love

If I were to tell you what love feels like, I’d be a liar.  Cause it’s still new every day you wake up. It’s a feeling. It’s like a holy  ghost feeling, man.

In the beginning, you know how it go. You know, I messed up once…twice. Then  the second time around I was like, ‘Yo, every girl I’m meeting now just want my  check.’  Like, they don’t even want to meet you. They don’t care two cents  about what you got going on. Plus, I know her. That became my best friend. So I  called her again like, ‘Yo, man. I want to go all the way.’ She’s like, ‘Yo,  Waka, you still wanna be a boy.’ So I had to play the cat and the mouse game and  it all worked out. I feel like I’d rather hand her the world, then hand her in  my hand.

On if he got close to his fiancée through her child Her  daughter. It grew on me. In the beginning, I was scared of it. I was like, ‘I  can’t date no girl with no baby, I’m still having fun.’ Next thing you know, it  was my daughter. It just got so…everything she does is cute.

It just makes you become a man. Like, ‘Yo, I’m a hero. I can’t let her down.’  If I’m the man she looks up to in her life, if I let her down, she’ll expect  that from every man moving forward.

On girls growing up without fathers A lot of them aren’t  growing up with mothers. It’s almost even now. They used to call the men dirty,  now the women are acting like that, too. You have to blame it on the parents,  man. People try to blame kids, you have to blame the grown-ups. When I was  young, we got to go outside and the girls would play double  dutch, they don’t even do that [anymore].

On artists being drugged up and doped up. Is innocence gone?  Innocence is not what they are trying to portray to the world.  It’s innocent people out here, they just glorifying the wrong things now. That’s  what they are loving. Look at TV, man. You got boys growing up confused. I’m not  knocking nobody’s lifestyle but you can’t put that on TV. Girls on girls, boys  on boys, so now the kids are growing up confused. It’s just too much going on on  TV. When I was growing up, you couldn’t be drinking on TV, smoking cigarettes on  TV. It’s not sacred anymore, it’s done. I blame TV, I don’t blame the musicians.  It’s just words, but when you give a person a picture, a vision of it, the painted picture is a hundred times worse than the words, because you can see it.

On if his brotherhood with Gucci is still there I  thought it was. Me and the whole world was like, ‘Oh that’s what you tweeting?  You a grown man, what are you doing tweeting.?’ He said that he got hacked, and  somebody did that, but those are some bull words because only me and you knew  what we were going through so I feel like God did that to me like, ‘Yo Waka what  I got for you, I’m not going to accept him for where you got to go.’ So,  basically I had to cut a finger off before I lost a whole hand and arm. Business, my approach is different from his.  I’m not going to belittle him, because I don’t know what that man’s got going  on.

Once, I respected you and loved you like a brother, I could never harm you.  At the end of the day, that’s your fate homie. I tried. Like Jesus said, ‘I can  tell you the word, it’s your choice to accept it or not.’

On what he prays for Don’t make me look like a fool in  the eyes of a wise man. I don’t do it for credit, I do it because I feel like it’s pure. When I was a  kid, I was growing up thinking what I was doing was positive. But when I became  a man, I found out it was wrong. I feel like it was a wake up call from God.  ‘Like yo, I’m going to let you know right now, what you were doing was wrong, if  you keep going, I don’t have no love for you,’ so I can’t turn my back on what  that man wants for me.

On if he is still the guy who made the record ‘Love them gun sounds’ Well, when I was a kid, that’s what I did.  But it ain’t how I start, it’s how I finish. You can’t blame me for what I grew  up in and what I thought was right. If you raise a kid to kill animals and hunt every day, when he’s a man, he’s going to  kill and hunt. But when he see it’s the wrong way of doing it, he has a choice  now to change or keep doing it.  I would just say, ‘Don’t judge my old ways  instead of judging my choices.’