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Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins has worked with everyone from Serena Williams to Robin Thicke and Kimora Lee Simmons to Queen Latifah. She may have tamed the abs of Hollywood’s elite but she’s also looking out for everyday girls like you and me.

Hello Beautiful caught up with the fitness guru at the Los Angeles premiere of Kevin Hart’s Let Me Explain, and she shared the best summer workout tips for girls who view exercising as more of a chore than pleasure.

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It’s the season to be “summertime fine” and skin is in, but Jenkins says wearing short shorts shouldn’t be your only motivation to hit the gym. Even if you hate to workout, she recommends for everyone use their health and self confidence as a motivation.

Are you the type of person who hates to break a sweat?  Trust us, you’re not alone! Check out these fresh fitness ideas from Jeanette Jenkins below.

1. Change Your Attitude

“Number one, you have to change that mindset right off the bat. Don’t hate working out! Love it for what it does for your body, for your health, your longevity, your self confidence — all those things!”

2. Schedule Workouts Around Your Weekly To-Do List

“Number two, schedule your workouts into your weekly agenda. Go ahead and make that time slot.”

3. Find An Accountability Partner

“Three, if you hate it that much go ahead and find a workout buddy. Whether it’s a friend of yours, another trainer or a workout group. Find a way to make it fun!”

4. Don’t Forget To Have Fun

“Find things that you like to do. Whether it’s Zumba class, dancing, group cardio kick boxing or a group of people that go hiking. Find something that you like to do.”

In 2011, Jenkins teamed up with one of her favorite clients, Kelly Rowland, to create the Sexy Abs workout dvd. For everyone who loved that project, the trainer revealed that she and Kelly are scheduled to film a part two. She also hinted to another workout video with Alicia Keys!

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as new details arise.

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