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While appearing on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this week, Webbie discussed a variety of topics and even referred to himself as a preacher halfway through the interview. He also went on to reveal that he’s already appeared in front of two churches and although he may not be a certified preacher, he still considers himself one.

“I think I’m a preacher man. I talked in front of two churches,” Webbie disclosed. “What they give you to certify a preacher? Well, look here, I ain’t go to no school and I’m a preacher. Certified.”

On top of speaking in front of two separate churches, Webbie also provided words of encouragement to incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie. According to Webbie, he once spoke to Boosie about God’s will and stated that being in prison may have protected the rapper against something far worse.

“God good man. God real,” said Webbie. “Like back to my brother, Lil Boosie, it’s crazy and you’ll never know unless you the person, but I told him. I said it, I said ‘Man, you gon’ be straight.’ I said ‘God put you in there for a reason. To protect you bruh. Cause he’s probably saying you would’ve got killed or something or something else was gon’ happen. You gon’ be straight.’”

Just because You preached infront of two churches it doesn’t mean your a preacher but hey if you go down that lane and succeed, congrats.

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