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Lolo Jones, the track-and-field-star-turned-bobsledder who’s looking to win her first Olympic medal at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, reportedly knocked out a woman at a Lake Placid watering hole last Friday.

The alleged victim, according to Fox Sports Tonight Radio host Amy Van Dyken, was the stepdaughter of U.S. bobsled legend Tony Carlino.

Carlino is a one-time Team USA coach and currently runs the track where Jones and her teammates are training ahead of next week’s National Bobsled Push Championships in Calgary.

Deadspin reported that Carlino’s stepdaughter was “visibly intoxicated” and “verbally confronted Jones near the dance floor.

“Jones then pushed the stepdaughter to the ground” and left the bar.

“The stepdaughter followed outside, where she and the athletes were separated by bouncers.”

After the altercation, U.S. bobsled officials and athletes “got together and said, ‘No one whisper a word of this,’” according to Van Dyken, who won four gold medals in swimming at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

Since taking up a new sport, Jones has generated a huge wave of publicity for bobsledding, which would explain a motive for the alleged cover-up.

Here’s the radio report from Fox news below: