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Hov never has to really address any situation through interviews or social media he’s the type that can tell his side of the story through his music all the time !

If you didn’t hear over the weekend Jay-Z and Bey vacationed in Cuba for their 5th Anniversary and got dragged all through the media for it. It must have really been annoying Jay because it didn’t take much time for him to get in the booth and address the situation. In then two verse single ‘Open Letter’ Jay addressed all of the recent controversy like his Cuban vacation, the brand new deal he just received that moves Roc Nation from Sony to Universal, and the rumors he’s planning on selling his share of the Brooklyn Nets.

On the Cuba controversy in ‘Open Letter’ Jay says:

“I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans, This communist talk is so confusing

When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using

Idiot wind, the Bob Dylan of rap music

You’re an idiot baby, you should become a student….

I done turned Havana to Atlanta, Guayabera shirts and bandanas

Every time you think they got me I switch the plan up

Bulletproof this, radio scanners

Ballin’ ’til they ban us

You gettin’ too much bread, they tryna’ jam you

Boy from the hood but got White House clearance

Sorry y’all, I don’t agree with y’all appearance…

Politicians never did sh-t for me / except lie to me, distort history.”

Way to tell them Jay !