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Brandy, please come get your little bother. Ray-J has had us all shaking our heads this past week and he’s managed to do it again!

Although he mentions ballplayers (Kris Humphries) and rappers (Kanye West) in his new single “I Hit It First,” Ray-J is swearing up and down that the record isn’t a diss to his ex-girlfriend and sex tape co-star Kim Kardashian.

In a recent interview with Hot 97, the R&B singer says everyone is taking the record too literally. “It’s a song, it’s not about that, it’s about a concept,” he says. “People going way too deep. They just gotta keep it on the surface. I’m not trying to create no war, it’s all love; we’re doing music.”

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Ray-J can claim all he wants that he’s just “doing music,” but he can’t tell us that his line isn’t a reference to Kim: “She might move on to rappers and ballplayers / But we all know I hit it first … I had her head going North and her ass going South / But now baby chose to go West.”

He goes on to sing, “I hit it, I hit it, I hit it,” repeatedly and even offers to “make another movie.”

“It’s not a war, it’s not a diss song, we’re just having fun,” he’s insists. “Bring it back to the song. That’s all I’m on.”

Looks like that’s Ray-J’s story and he’s sticking to it. We are sure he’s enjoying the publicity right now.


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