I’ve been dating this incredible young lady for about 6 months the only problem I have with her is that she is to clingy, We have two different careers her jobs is more laid back so that means she has more time on her hands to text and talk where as my job doesn’t give me that flexibility so when I don’t respond right back to her she flips out. Ive tried to tell her in a nice way to ease up but it doesn’t seem like its penetrating her brain. I don’t mind spending time with her when I’m off but she expects me to spend every weekend all weekend with her and my schedule doesn’t allow me to do so. In the past I would just cut a chick like this off and stop messing with her all together but I like this chick and I want to get to know her more but I need her to back off a little. How can I express to her without hurting her feelings or scaring her away that I need her to ease up some?

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