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Ah yes, when you think of Hip Hop you automatically think of Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida don’t you? Oh, well the GOP is hoping that you do! Rubio is suddenly a Hip Hop aficionado and he’s been proving it over and over again lately. (Well sort of.) But his latest display of Hip Hop proficiency garnered him laughs from his colleagues, as well as everybody else when he decided to quote the “modern day poet Wiz Khalifa”.  Thanks to the people at Spin.com we have it for you!

Said Rubio:

“Let me begin by quoting a modern day poet, his name is Wiz Khalifa. He has a song called ‘Work Hard Play Hard.’ You look at the time, I think it’s a time when many of our colleagues expected to be home, back in the home state playing hard, but I’m happy we’re here still working hard on this issue.”

Check out the video of it below!

With all due respect sir, put the Hip Hop shtick down and back away, really.


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