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Sometimes we take things too damn far. This next story is one of those situations. A college in New York named Hunter College has come under fire for a sick and twisted game some of their students were filmed playing.

The name of the horrific game is “Abortion Battles.” The game is rather simple. Students put balloons under their shirts and try to pop their opponent’s balloon with a fork before their balloon gets popped. Besides the fact that they are making light out of a very subject like abortion, it gets twisted when onlookers can be heard encouragingly screaming, “Kill that baby!”

Naturally, anti-abortion groups have been up in arms since the video and subsequent reports have surfaced. Due to the public’s outcry, the video is no longer available for public view on YouTube. At this point, hunter College hasn’t released any statement regarding the game, video, or if their will be any disciplinary action taken.

As a man who is pro-choice, this game is still despicable. While I do believe a woman has a right to choose whether she wants to parent her child or terminate the pregnancy, you won’t catch me out here stuffing balloons under my shirt and grabbing my fork to go “kill some babies.” That is just insane to me. Surely, there are better games to play in college. These kids need to find better ways to release some tension in between classes.

Check out the clip below.



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